Friday, 23 April 2010

Why is there always so much to do?

That time of year is now upon us. That time where we can easily feel guilty for sitting in the house on a Saturday.

I have been given my 'Spring / Summer' list of jobs that need doing outside.
  • Lawns mowing
  • Fence mending
  • Fence Painting
  • Shed re-organisation
  • Patio furniture buying
  • BBQ building (well, putting together)
  • Weeding
  • ...
  • ...
I am determined to have more BBQs this year. Last year was a washout - after the weathermen predicted a 'BBQ Summer'.

My wife has suggested that kids (6 and 2) help with painting the fence... I'm trying not to picture the carnage... Thinking about that has reminded me when my dad and I creosoted the fence once. I think I got more creosote on me than on the fence but the fact that I can still remember it now and still remember how much I enjoyed it means that it was one of those 'special times' bonding with my Dad (who incidentally is the best Dad a man could wish for).

My mind is made up! - The Kids can help! It will probably take twice as long but this is what memories are made of.

Rob Parsons said something in a book called the 60 minute father that stuck in my mind.. "The quieter day never comes..." The more I reflect on life, the more I realise he is spot on! As this is the case, I plan on trying to enjoy the busyness with my family!

Bring on the fence!!!!

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