Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Weight Loss..

Bit of an indulgent post; but hey...

A few people have noticed now that I have lost some weight so I thought I'd share what I have lost and how I have done it.

In a nutshell, I am following The Harcome Diet. This diet, in a really high level summary, cuts out processed foods and sugar.

Phase 1 is a detox that helps fight three conditions that induce food cravings.

Phase 2 is the main weight loss phase and encourages you to eat healthy, real food in good sized portions - Hunger is a thing of the past! On this phase you don't mix fats and carbs. For example, my lunch today consisted of 5 roast chicken drumsticks, a large salad and a large chunk of cheese.

Phase 3 is a maintenance phase and in this phase you can cheat. By this time you will know what foods cause your cravings and you will want to avoid these.

Since starting this diet 10 weeks ago - I don't really see it as a diet - more a change in eating habits. I have never eaten as much as I am now and I feel (as Tony Tiger would say.) Grrrrrreat! I have lost 36 lbs or 16.36 kg (approx.)

I would recommend doing this diet even if you don't need to lose weight simply because it is so damn healthy!

The book that contains all the information is Here at

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