Tuesday, 29 June 2010

GLT - Like a BLT only better for you

Goal Line Technology.

A great deal has been mentioned, spoken about, blogged about discussed at office water-coolers in the recent years. This world cup has highlighted that it really is a necessary weapon in the official's arsenal in order for the game to be fairer.

Sepp Blatter has been reported as saying that it is the 'human error' side of things that makes the game so 'charming'...

Sepp also wants to see Sunday league sides in Hull, having the same level of equipment as proper professional football. - All I can say to this is; "is there a hawk-eye system present at Sunday cricket matches in the amateur leagues? Does cricket suffer for it?" Of course it doesn't.

We have just thumped the Aussies in the ODI and we a re the current 20-20 World Cup holders. Do they even have Hawk-Eye at Trent Bridge for Notts matches? (I genuinely want to know this and can't be bothered to google it!)

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Wimbledon - Not the football team

Well what a tournament! Yawn!

There has been one match that has lasted longer than some cricket matches!

Andy Murray has been quoted as saying

"This is why tennis is one of the toughest sports in the world, this will never ever be matched again"

No Andy. - This just goes to show that tennis has got ridiculous rules that allow tedium to continue when it should have finished ages ago.

In recognition of the fact that in tennis, he who has got the biggest serve wins; I have come with a fantastic way of settling a match that has got to 6-6 in the final set...

Erect a 'target' at one end of the pitch and give each player a ball with a different colour dye on it. The player then has to serve in excess of 100 mph at the target and the ball must bounce once. The player closest to the bullseye wins the match and all the strawberry-munching, Pimms-drinking Guardian-reading vegetarians can go home in time for some real sport like rugby!

Diaries of a caveman - The summary

I did it! - 10 days just eating Meat, Eggs and Dairy!

1. What I did.
In a nutshell; I went anti vegan. I only ate Meat, Eggs or Dairy; veg and salad and pretty much any carb was off-limits - I'll admit I was a little nervous about cutting dietary fibre from my diet but in the TMI section (at the bottom - Sorry!) you will see that this concern was unfounded. I did this for 10 days, chosen with no scientific methodology at all - Just like the 5-a-day!

2. Why I did it.
I did this purely for fun and the fact that I like meat. Ever since starting this diet I have developed a love for eating meat that I never knew I had. I had read in various places, linked to from this site, that carbs were pretty much surplus to requirements and that the Masai and some Inuit peoples lived on a diet exclusively of meat (and milk - whole, real milk in the case of the Masai). I had read that their overall health was fantastic and that their incidences of CHD and cancer were almost non-existent. I therefore though that this must be a healthy diet to follow.

I expected that I'd miss vegetables and salad as they seem to form a large part of my diet but to be honest after some evaluation, I realized that when I used to eat salad alone (Slimming World) I always felt hungry. I concluded that the salad I eat actually forms such a minimal part of my diet compared to the rest of what I was eating. Take spinach for instance, on a plate, raw, it always looks like a mountain - Cook it in some butter however and it magically disappears into a very tiny amount indeed. I think salad is like this - Mostly water!

The results were pretty much what I expected:
a) Satiated after every meal
b) Sky-high energy levels (I had been eating mainly fat meals so My body was used to getting its energy from fats)
c) My nails grew faster
d) I was able to think more clearly - This was quite noticeable
e) I lost weight - 2lbs (after 7 days)
f) I actually slept better than when I ate salad / veg

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

World cup acting.

I have come up with 2 ideas that could revolutionise football overnight

Problem 1. How to deal with the wimps who go down like they have been shot following a tackle:

Solution: make the player leave the field of play for 5 minutes - they clearly need time to get over their horrendous injury! This will soon stop players play-acting as they will be penalizing their team

Problem 2. How to instil some respect for referees

Solution: Simple - send any player off who intimidates a referee - Make it like Rugby Union where the players actually respect referees. Yes referees are human and will make mistakes - get over it!

If these changes were made, football would become much more watchable, and would flow so much better and half the Manchester United, Chelsea and Aresnal players would be serving 3-match bans.

Win Win!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Now I like rain as much as the next person.. Hold on a minute; I'm lying.. I hate rain with a passion.

Now, I realize that rain is vital to the survival of the human race but why does it have to rain during the day?

Why can't it rain overnight and be gloriously sunny - not necessarily hot - just sunny during the day?

We would all know where we stood; day-trips would be easier to plan and TENTS WOULD NOT HAVE TO BE PACKED AWAY WET after a weekend camping with your church.

I have to say though, the weekend was amazing. It was fantastic to spend time with good friends and to be honest the way everyone pulled together to get tents down on Sunday was a thing to behold.

I know 66.6666667% of the people who follow this blog were at the weekend so...

Big thanks to Matt Blick who helped me get my tent up. You are a legend and my tent didn't leak despite the mental thunderstorms!

Also to Pete - I have never seen a tent demolished so neatly!