Saturday, 17 April 2010

Food Shopping - When you are in a hurry

You are food shopping and you are in a hurry, (through no fault of your own); you have slung your shopping in the trolley, bruising all your fruit and now you are faced with the decision that will either make or ruin your entire shopping trip.

Which checkout to choose...

Now most people will choose the checkout with the shortest queue, thinking it will be the fastest. In some cases this will be correct, however, there is a factor that you will not have taken into consideration - The LOL factor. Now I realize that some of you 'hip' people will be thinking "What has laughing out loud got to do with any of this?" but the LOL factor predates and of the txtspk crap by a few years.

I am of course talking about the Little Old Lady factor.

9 times out of 10 the LOL in front of you at the checkout will take up the checkout operators offer of "Would you like any help packing this?". This is time consuming; have you ever seen the speed of a one-handed checkout operator? - It is like watching paint dry or... Watching a 'Little Chef' waitress plying her trade..

Anyway, after the long wait for LOL's bags to be packed; the LOL will remove her oversize handbag from her shoulder and take out the world's biggest purse - you could fit a cat in it... with room for a litter tray and food also!

LOL will insist on paying with the correct change thus taking even more time up!

From bitter experience, I have learnt that the best people to be behind at the checkout is the family with 'rowdy children'. They will be desperate to get out of there as quickly as possible.

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  1. You also need to consider the fact that a 'standard' checkout with one person & not too full trolley, may well clear sooner than a checkout with four or five hand basket people queueing at it. The latter will take longer as the child working the checkout will have to ask each customer whether they have a nectar/club/whatever card, whether they want school vouchers, and also have to process each customer's debit card.

    The optimal selection of supermarket checkout is one of the great strategy puzzles of our time.