Monday, 26 April 2010

The 'Good Old Days'

I had a conversation today with a colleague where we got to talking about car insurance - Thrilling eh?!

Anyway, this got us both reminiscing about cars that we wanted to insure when we were 17 but couldn't afford to. For me this was a Ford Fiesta XR2

I can vividly remember phoning up Direct Line Insurance just after passing my driving test and politely inquiring how much it would cost to insure one... The lady on the other end of the phone 'laughed at me'! and told me there is no way they were going to insure me on a car like this.

I wonder why this is why I never get a competitive car insurance quote from Direct Line even now...

This then got us both reminiscing about growing up in the late 80s / early 90s..

  • No mobile phones
  • No internet
When you called a friend, you called their land line and, heavens forbid, they may not be in! - If this was the case; the world did not end...

Back then, we must have thought our parents were stupid. I remember getting picked up from school friend's parties by my dad and sitting in the back of the car trying to 'not sound drunk'. There is no way he didn't know I'd had a few beers! (Dad if you are reading this "I never touched alcohol at parties - honest!!!")

I remember having a 'long distance relationship' and, in order to get some privacy, (the land line was in the hall right next to the living room) going to the payphone down the road.

The more I think about it the more I think that 'Those were the days..' True - My life is great now - but those days were care-free, no responsibilities save homework and keeping 1 room of the house tidy. Or am I looking back with 'rose-tinted spectacles'...?

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  1. Bother, I don't want to comment on every one of your blog posts...but!

    Yesterday evening I gave a friend and her daughter a lift to church. It was discovered after we'd left that the daughter had forgotten her mobile phone. I think there was a moment where the daughter was genuinely at a loss to work out how to find her friends when she arrived.

    I also completely agree with you about the 'olden days' being better. Less pressure and stress and I am not just talking about being a kid. Even my time at uni (towards the end of which, people were just starting to get cell phones), was better in terms of lifestyle.