Monday, 13 September 2010

What have all these companies got in common?

Bernard Matthews plc

British Sugar plc*


Coca-Cola Great Britain and Ireland

Dairy Crest Limited

Danone Waters and Dairies UK Ltd*


HJ Heinz Ltd

Kellogg Company of Great Britain Limited

Kraft Foods UK Ltd*

Mars UK Ltd

McCain Foods Ltd

McDonald's Restaurants Ltd

McNeil Consumer Nutritionals (Splenda and BeneCol)

Müller Dairy

National Starch

Nestlé UK Ltd*

PepsiCo UK Ltd


Procter and Gamble Limited

Tate & Lyle Sugars*

Unilever plc*

United Biscuits (UK) Limited

Weetabix Limited*

Well, they all manufacture processed food - That much is obvious.
They all use excessive amounts of sugar in their products.


They are all members of the British Nutrition Foundation...

How can a body that gives diet advice be in bed with so many companies that are responsible for bringing frankly crap food to the public?


  1. You say the BNF is "in bed" with all these companies but what does that actually mean. Surely if the BNF wanted to promote good eating and healthy living it's not unreasonable for a them to want to change the attitudes of the companies that manufacture the food they disapprove of. I guess strong links with said companies would be a must.

  2. The BNF is sponsored by these companies.

    I'd have thought that the BNF should be totally neutral and let the customer decide.

  3. you have just listed my food for the week :)