Thursday, 9 September 2010

Dreaming of dreams

I had the strangest dream last night - Someone was asking me about a football match between Notts County and Aston Villa - Not too strange so far...

The match in question that I had perfect recall on, was a fictional match that occurred in a dream about three months ago.

The match was supposed to take place at Villa Park but it couldn't because Villa Park had been trashed. Instead, the match took place at a location that looked, to all intents and purposes, like Trent Bridge Cricket Ground...

I wonder what it all means.?


  1. It's prophetic. It means you will get invited to a party a villa in a park. In the grounds will be a river that you have to cross via a bridge. The band Trent will be palaying a concert there, but during the gig you will be distracted by a cricket that is jumping around the room. As you try to squash the insect you will inadvertently trash the Villa. When you face the charges in court your lawyer will explain the extenuating circumstances with the cricket and the judge will decide that the charges against you will NOT COUNTY.

    all clear?