Saturday, 18 September 2010

Hedge-trimming in the rain

After looking at the weather forecast today and deciding that it wasn't going to rain; I dusted off the trusty (or should that be rusty) hedge trimmers and got stuck into the conifers on the front.

I must have got 3/4 of the way through when the rain came. I was going to say it came from nowhere but I know for a fact Richard will tell me it came from the sky after condensing in clouds, but before that it evaporated from the planet's surface... etc. etc

Anyway, enough rambling. This left me with a decision to make.. Do I:

a) Carry on regardless. Just like the beautiful south in Good as Gold
b) Do the sensible thing and wait.

Guess which one I did.. Yup! That's right. I chose 'a'.. Good as gold and stupid as mud!

I think God must like me as I survived to write this blog post!


  1. You don't really want a reply to this from your dad - do you?
    I'm sure there's something in scripture about cutting your hedge in the rain.

  2. Probably a Proverb or somesuch.

    I'm please to see you have a decent enough working knowledge of the 'water cycle'.

    I was also cutting a hedge yesterday. In my case I found that my father's hedge cutters (petrol, mounted on a pole) are not designed for lefties.

    So I left the hedge cutting to people less likely to cause themselves serious injury than I.

    Well done on getting the hedge cut. Conifers (Leylandii?) can be annoying, my grandfather used to have a hedge upwards of 200 trees long that I used to help cut during summer holidays.