Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Logitech FTW!

My Logitech mouse of almost 3 years has just died... The left mouse button has started intermittently failing. I was about to bin it thinking that it owed me nothing and has probably got as many mouse-miles on the clock as my (t)rusty Focus.

However, I thought I'd give Logitech a ring. I got through to a friendly, knowledgeable chap called Michal who, after taking a few details and asking me a few questions about the problem, confirmed that the mouse was likely to be kaput!

He apologised that the model I had was no longer made and offered me a new Performance Mouse MX (£90).

Bearing in mind that I only paid about £30 for the previous mouse I thought that Logitech had gone above and beyond the call of duty. They are not stupid and know that by impressing me, I will most likely tell my friends what a good company they are - and they are correct. I am telling anyone who will listen that Logitech are fantastic. I have always loved their webcams and mice but until now had never had need to test their customer service. I have to say I am very impressed with them.


  1. you paid £90 for a mouse? or did they give it you?

  2. This post is much the same as how I feel about Apple, though not so much in terms of Customer Service (though the shops are good), more in terms of the products just being basically totally hassle free - thus no real need for Customer Service., watch my Mac die.

    Amazon have the mouse for £67 - still impressive though.

  3. @Matt - They are giving it me!

    Reading back; my wording is kinda rubbish - Ooops