Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Now I like rain as much as the next person.. Hold on a minute; I'm lying.. I hate rain with a passion.

Now, I realize that rain is vital to the survival of the human race but why does it have to rain during the day?

Why can't it rain overnight and be gloriously sunny - not necessarily hot - just sunny during the day?

We would all know where we stood; day-trips would be easier to plan and TENTS WOULD NOT HAVE TO BE PACKED AWAY WET after a weekend camping with your church.

I have to say though, the weekend was amazing. It was fantastic to spend time with good friends and to be honest the way everyone pulled together to get tents down on Sunday was a thing to behold.

I know 66.6666667% of the people who follow this blog were at the weekend so...

Big thanks to Matt Blick who helped me get my tent up. You are a legend and my tent didn't leak despite the mental thunderstorms!

Also to Pete - I have never seen a tent demolished so neatly!


  1. ...because we live in a broken world.

  2. I put up your tent in a special non leaky way!

    Legend yourself - you are a beautiful human being...

  3. 33.333333334 people who follow your blog were with you in spirit.
    Incidentally, the rain falls on the righteousness and unrighteousness alike - get used to it.

  4. I thought it was the sun that shone on the righteous and unrighteous alike