Thursday, 24 June 2010

Diaries of a caveman - The summary

I did it! - 10 days just eating Meat, Eggs and Dairy!

1. What I did.
In a nutshell; I went anti vegan. I only ate Meat, Eggs or Dairy; veg and salad and pretty much any carb was off-limits - I'll admit I was a little nervous about cutting dietary fibre from my diet but in the TMI section (at the bottom - Sorry!) you will see that this concern was unfounded. I did this for 10 days, chosen with no scientific methodology at all - Just like the 5-a-day!

2. Why I did it.
I did this purely for fun and the fact that I like meat. Ever since starting this diet I have developed a love for eating meat that I never knew I had. I had read in various places, linked to from this site, that carbs were pretty much surplus to requirements and that the Masai and some Inuit peoples lived on a diet exclusively of meat (and milk - whole, real milk in the case of the Masai). I had read that their overall health was fantastic and that their incidences of CHD and cancer were almost non-existent. I therefore though that this must be a healthy diet to follow.

I expected that I'd miss vegetables and salad as they seem to form a large part of my diet but to be honest after some evaluation, I realized that when I used to eat salad alone (Slimming World) I always felt hungry. I concluded that the salad I eat actually forms such a minimal part of my diet compared to the rest of what I was eating. Take spinach for instance, on a plate, raw, it always looks like a mountain - Cook it in some butter however and it magically disappears into a very tiny amount indeed. I think salad is like this - Mostly water!

The results were pretty much what I expected:
a) Satiated after every meal
b) Sky-high energy levels (I had been eating mainly fat meals so My body was used to getting its energy from fats)
c) My nails grew faster
d) I was able to think more clearly - This was quite noticeable
e) I lost weight - 2lbs (after 7 days)
f) I actually slept better than when I ate salad / veg

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