Thursday, 27 May 2010

Working from home...

How do people do this full time?

I am working from home (at the dining room table) this morning whilst Anna has got a doctors appointment.

It is quite weird sitting in your dining room wearing your suit and tie. Someone recommended wearing your work shoes to try and make it feel like you are at work. It almost works except for the following:

  • At work I have boiling water on tap for hot drinks
  • At work there are not two screaming children (one with chicken pox) - Actually scrap that one - There are many screaming kids - They have the job title 'Project Manager'
  • I'm used to two 20" monitors at work. My work laptop is only 13"
  • The view is better at home. aka more distracting
  • If I have a poo at work - Work are paying for it both in time and TP.
I'm looking forward to Anna to get back and I can go to our Nottingham office for the afternoon for some peace and quiet.

1 comment:

  1. dude, jeans and t-shirt, if you actually get dressed, this is the key to working from home... that and downloading an episode of the ultimate fighter to watch whilst waiting on a call back :)

    nice pic by the way....