Wednesday, 16 June 2010

World cup acting.

I have come up with 2 ideas that could revolutionise football overnight

Problem 1. How to deal with the wimps who go down like they have been shot following a tackle:

Solution: make the player leave the field of play for 5 minutes - they clearly need time to get over their horrendous injury! This will soon stop players play-acting as they will be penalizing their team

Problem 2. How to instil some respect for referees

Solution: Simple - send any player off who intimidates a referee - Make it like Rugby Union where the players actually respect referees. Yes referees are human and will make mistakes - get over it!

If these changes were made, football would become much more watchable, and would flow so much better and half the Manchester United, Chelsea and Aresnal players would be serving 3-match bans.

Win Win!


  1. FYI, I may try and find a link, but there was a case a few years back where a regional league in the North-East of England unilaterally instigated a policy of no swearing on the field of play. It was designed to stop players intimidating referees.

    It was short lived, as the FA (the national body) forced them to reverse the policy.

    ...which is one of several reasons why I have very little interest in football.

  2. That and the fact that is played by big jessies like Christiano Ronaldo!

    Oh no! the Vuvazelas are too loud - I can't concentrate!

  3. totally agree Mat you are wise!

  4. Who's Christiano Ronaldo? Did he invent the Big Mac!