Sunday, 17 October 2010

That dreadful time of year...

Yup - The car's MOT Test is due.. As the car is now 7 years old I do feel a little nervous about it, especially as I know there are a couple of things that need to be sorted out.

  • New rear tyres (they were swapped from the fronts last time it needed tires) the problem with heavy diesels is that they all seem to eat front tires - My driving style (If you can call it that) cannot be solely responsible!
  • Reverse light is intermittent. Quite why Mr Ford put the reverse light in such a stupid place is beyond me! It is right behind the wheel where rain and dirt get kicked up all over the place - I'm sure the holder has corroded beyond repair!
In fairness, the car has been brilliant - It is smooth, for a diesel, which to imitate Clarkson, is like saying "he is polite for a psychopathic serial killer!" The only thing that has gone wrong with it, in the 7 years I have owned it has been the fuel computer broke which was a known fault - The 'range to empty' would show as blank every so often. Oh and there is a bit of rust on the inside of the rear, nearside door - a weak seam-weld..!

Anyway, I'll post tomorrow with either a happy face or a sad face!


  1. Isn't the 'holder' plastic?
    Should be a new light!

  2. I haven't been close enough to look!

  3. Yes, when referring to your driving style, I'm pretty sure "style" is the wrong word!