Saturday, 30 October 2010

Edinburgh Diaries Day 4

We had intended to go swimming this morning on the camp-site but Holly didn't put in an appearance until 0915 hrs - At home she is usually up by 0700 hrs. All the walking around is knackering her out!

Anna's sister text me the directions to drive to her house this morning - It looked complicated but when we got going at 1100 hrs. it was a doddle! It only took 30 minutes instead of over an hour by bus! I've got to hand it to the bus company in Edinburgh (Lothian) they are brilliant. Frequent, punctual and cheap! £1.20 to do a 20 mile journey is not to be sniffed at. The £3.00 all day ticket (unlimited travel) is also fantastic value!

After leaving Anna's sister's house, we went into the town centre and had lunch - Jacket potato with cous-cous for me (no butter) so that should have been Harcombe-friendly! After that, the family decided to go to 'Chocolate Soup'.. I declined and went back to Princes Street, to the Starbucks I was in yesterday, to type up this diary. 

I think I have finally got used to the bed in the caravan now as I slept like a log!

It feels weird that I'm going back home tomorrow and I will miss being here to be honest. I came here not expecting to enjoy it at all and as far as I am concerned; a city is still a city and I'm a rural boy at heart, If you like gothic architecture you'd love Edinburgh. The people are incredibly friendly and very helpful and the weather has been pretty good - I haven't got drenched yet and I have only needed a light jacket on top of a t-shirt! We have done something good each day and have had a good time as a family!

I'm now on my second 6-shot Americano! - It is delicious! I think Anna and the kids are coming over here soon to get a coffee and then we are going to get some tea at a restaurant somewhere in the city - I really want to have haggis but I don't think it is Harcombe friendly.... I may have to have some anyway and not worry about it.

2000 hrs.
Just got back from a lovely pub / restaurant right at the end of Princes street. I had haggis with neeps; they swapped the tatties for a side-salad which was nice of them. I had forgotten how delicious haggis was!

Anyway - got to get the kids in bed as we have to get up early to pack up and go.


  1. Edinburgh is a cracking city. I've really enjoyed three of my four visits (and the exception had nothing to do with the city). I hope you went up Arthur's Seat - I've done that somewhat drunk at 4am in the past.

    It is spectacularly hilly though, but I suppose that's to be expected when the whole of the centre (the dip between Princes St. and the Castle, used to be a loch (I believe).

    ps. your gifts of picking exactly the right week to take off work have not deserted you!

  2. What's happened?

    Drop me an email!