Friday, 29 October 2010

Edinburgh Diaries Day 3

A lazy day for me today! The kids have gone to the zoo and I'm currently sitting in Starbucks typing up my Edinburgh diaries. I've just had another 6-shot Decaf Americano - With the Starbucks card; you get the 2 extra shots free - I think I'm in heaven!

I actually managed to get a better night's sleep last night - Despite the fact that the mattress was really uncomfortable (I think I may have mentioned this in another entry... But I feel it needs saying again!) and woke up feeling refreshed, ready for the incredibly dull hour-long bus journey into Edinburgh. 

I need to go to a supermarket later on so I think I'll get the bus back to the camp-site and then drive out the supermarket.

1530 hrs.
Just got back from the supermarket! - I can't believe I had forgotten to buy eggs - Of all things to forget - it had to be the thing I eat most of! - Off to the camp-site shop to get them!

1830 hrs.
Just had a phone-call from Anna to say that her mum and sister are coming back to the caravan for tea.. This should be interesting as there is only two relatively small saucepans and a frying pan.

I'll have cheese and roast pork loin - They can all have a pasta dish. Onions, peppers tinned tomatoes, herbs and cheese all cooked in the frying pan.

Incidentally, I managed to snap the large knife that they provide in the caravan.. How the heck do you cut a Spanish onion with a tiny knife with a 2 inch blade?

I must be a miracle-worker because apparently the pasta was delicious!

Righto - Off to bed; Laterz!

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