Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Edinburgh Diaries Day 1

Well we arrived at the camp-site in one piece - physically, mentally was a totally different matter! Despite the kids being really well behaved in the car; my nerves were still shot to pieces! It may have had something to do with the kids' CD that they insisted on listening to to.

The camp-site is just row after row of identical static caravans - All pretty bland and characterless. I haven't had the chance to look around the site as yet. All I know is that there is a Spar shop and a chippy on the site as well as an 'entertainment area' that thankfully we are well away from.

I think there may be an event going on as there seems to be a great deal of people walking round with identical tracksuits on. I'm hoping it is not the 3rd annual highland band-camp reunion...

Driving up past Geordie-land we passed the Angel of the North - I honestly thought it'd be bigger than it was! Most unimpressive!

We are currently unpacking (well Anna is anyway - I'm typing this drivel!) and awaiting a phone-call announcing the arrival of Anna's mum and sister. When they arrive, we are going to meet them and walk over to the chippy. Anna and the kids will have chips etc. I'm going to have roast pork loin and some cheese.

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