Tuesday, 23 November 2010

One of these things is not like the other one!

.... By things; I mean people.

Gillian McKeith - born Sept 1959 vs Nigella Lawson - Born Jan 1960

This makes Nigella 4 months younger than Gillian..

I have chosen publicity shots of each of them from this year as a suitable comparison. Publicity shots as I wanted them to have spent time in make-up so they'd both be on an even footing.

Here is the comparison - Answers below on who looks the oldest!

As a bonus - Here is Gillian McKeith with her super-healthy Vegan (yeah.. right!!!) diet fainting in the jungle at the thought of a 'bush-tucker trial'

Totally faked! - Like her doctorate!

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  1. Ben Goldacre in Bad Science has a lot to say about Gillian McKeith. You should read it. In fact, given your kids are starting school age, you should definitely read it. The opening pages are very worrying.