Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Susan Jebb - Conflict of interest - Updated

Susan Jebb - Currently she is Chair of the cross-government Expert Advisory Group on Obesity and a member of the Change4Life Board. She was an Expert Advisor to the Cabinet Office Strategy Unit Review on Food and now sits on the FSA Food Policy Strategy Advisory Group.

She has also been paid thousands of pounds by Rosemary Conley.

A few people may remember the headlines in the national press from earlier this year..

Quote from the Guardian (12th July 2010)  - Here:

Today science is offering an authoritative and surprisingly positive endorsement: two studies from the Medical Research Council, led by one of Britain's leading nutrition scientists, say that Weight Watchers really does work, and is a cheap and effective way for the NHS to tackle Britain's huge obesity problem

 Jebb also ridiculed the Atkins Diet:

The Telegraph ran the story on August 13, 2003: ATKINS DIET MAY BE BAD FOR HEALTH, WARNS NUTRITIONIST.

Five days later, the paper ran a follow-up story, headlined: ANTI-ATKINS NUTRITIONIST WORKING FOR FLOUR MILLERS.

Turns out that Jebb’s research into diets had been part-funded to the tune of £10,000 by the Flour Advisory Bureau, the lobbying arm of the National Association of British and Irish Millers. Who make flour. Which people on the Atkins diet don’t eat much of.

Do we really want someone like this providing advice to us?

UPDATE - Looks like Ms Jebb is coming under fire for her links to the sugar industry too!

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