Monday, 9 August 2010

For Richard:


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What the heck is happening with global warming - We seem to have had 2 weeks of gorgeous weather at the beginning of July but now look at it - It is like autumn!

I refuse to believe that the earth is warming up! - True - The Russians would disagree with me on this. But in Good old Blighty it has been rubbish!

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  1. A-ha! That's because it's not 'global warming' (well it is in an average sort of sense), but 'climate change'.

    When 'global warming' was first waffled about by scientists and the media, the average sort of bloke was pleased that his weather was going to get wermer - after all, who wouldn't like longer hotter summers? (apart from people who don't like warm weather)

    Trouble is, the way it works isn't quite that simple. Weather is very chaotic in nature - cause and effect and all that. We have nice summer weather due to the trade winds and whichever one it is out of 'jet-stream' and 'gulf-stream'. If the weather patterns elsewhere change to give people nice hot weather, then we no-longer get the benefit of this and are stuck with the other prevailing weather systems such as the ones from siberia.

    Anyway it's all rubbish really. I think the arguments for and against 'global warming' are irrelevant. Personally I think if you make a mess, you should clean it up. So even without climate change and carbon footprints etc, I still think that recycling and reducing the number of flights people take is a good idea.