Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Modern, Streamlined NHS

I'm starting to think that Andrew Lansley has been appointed for one purpose and one purpose alone.

Raping the NHS.

Looking at the evidence, he has been brought in as the Secretary of State for Health with the remit of making a lot of unpopular changes at a time of economic instability. He has been fed like a sacrificial lamb to the nurses at their recent conference - although it was interesting that he only faced a small group of them - all this at the time when the new health bill is in the process of being passed through parliament. This means that the bill is basically final and the NHS will be kicked into a new shape and Lansley will be long-forgotten following his impending departure.

Working for the NHS; I have a real fear of how these changes will pan out - true, there is going to be less money in the system and all those poor trusts that have been pushed down the PFI route are being squeezed by the companies that have them by the balls. One trust was quoted over £1000 per wireless access point in its new treatment centre... That was just to put them up - The cabling was already there.... Apparently this trust got outside contractors in who put them up for a princely sum of £109 each. This, ladies and gentlemen is why PFI was always doomed to fail!

I hate the fact I have gone political with this blog but hey! Needs must.. The last shower of morons have saddled Britain with massive debt and the new shower of imbeciles are trying to get private business to get us out. Am I alone in thinking that private business's number one goal is to maximise profit and return for shareholders? - Does anyone else see any problems with this?

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