Friday, 4 March 2011

People *must* be stupid

I was listening to Radio 4 this morning and there has been a study done at Leeds University, looking at labels on medicines:

They have come to the conclusion that the labels need to be updated to better reflect what the patient needs to do.

Some gems are:

The replacement of 'Avoid alcohol' with 'Do not drink alcohol whilst taking this medicine'

Apparently 'Avoid alcohol' is a bit ambiguous! Apparently some people genuinely thought that it meant 'Just cut down alcohol intake' Yeah, right! - 'Avoid oncoming traffic' is also ambiguous - It really means 'only clip a few oncoming cars'

'This medicine may cause drowsiness'. Apparently this is also ambiguous so they are going to replace it with 'This medicine may make you feel sleepy' - I bet the other 6 dwarfs are jealous!

Who exactly did they interview to garner this level of stupidity and failure to understand English?

Was it this fellow?

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