Friday, 14 January 2011

Change4Life Voucher Scheme is an Insult

The Change4Life Voucher scheme has been blasted as insulting according to the 'Children's Food Campaign' in a nutshell here is why:

  • Shoppers would need to spend more than double the amount thy'd get back in discounts to be able to use the vouchers
  • Half of the savings are on one thing - Weight Watchers 3 month plan (incidentally; this is available on the WW site without the voucher.
  • It would be massively cheaper to buy supermarket own-brand products even after the discount. Kellogs (one of the sponsors) Cornflakes in ASDA are £1.97. With the discount you pay £1.47.. ASDA own-brand cornflakes..... £0.98.. Here's the kicker.. The ASDA own-brand ARE BETTER FOR YOU!! Much less salt!
Do yourself a favour - use common sense. Don't subscribe to this ridiculous scheme which has been dreamt up by the corporate sponsors of the Change4Life scheme. have bacon and eggs for breakfast or porridge!

Here is a final word to Christine Haigh (Children's Food Campaign) :
“This analysis exposes the Great Swapathon for what it really is – a great marketing opportunity for the companies involved, but of little benefit to consumers’ pockets or health.  Sadly, this attempt at promoting healthier products is dwarfed by advertising for junk food.  Until the government takes steps to address this, such as by protecting children from unhealthy food marketing, we’re unlikely to see the UK shift from its unenviable position at the top of Europe’s obesity league table.”

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