Monday, 5 July 2010

Ego fragility

It still amazes me how fragile our egos are.

We can convince ourselves so easily that we are in control, everything is great and that we are strong..

Then something totally innocuous happens and you cop a bit of 'gentle', deserved flak over it and the following happens:

  • You start to analyse in an over critical way what happened
  • You start to justify why it happened
  • You distort what the person who took you to task actually said
  • Your mental image of what their face looked like and their voice sounded like gets distorted and you feel hurt - like it was a personal attack rather than an admonishment
  • Worst of all, you start comparing yourself to other people who do a similar job to you and find yourself feeling smug that "yeah - I got a rollocking for this but I didn't screw up as bad as Fredrick when he did [insert other innocuous incident here]
  • You start to doubt the praise that the person who took you to task has given you in the past.
All of these things are natural... but stupid..

Here's what should happen:

  • Admit you made a mistake
  • Apologise to anyone concerned
  • Man the heck up and get over it!

There - Whole again!

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